The Maharaja Sayajirao Uiversity of Baroda
The Maharaja Sayajirao Uiversity of Baroda


The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

The main objective of ENPRENDIA is to embed gender equality policies within HE while providing opportunities and adequate skills through promoting entrepreneurship in 7 HEIs of India.

  1. To develop and advance institutional strategies for gender equality and equity in Indian higher education through a comprehensive analysis and transfer of EU best practices.
  2. To establish and reinforce gender equality through sustainable structures that bring together enterprise-universities and promote active participation of female population in society with the involvement of public and private stakeholders so as to create mechanisms that support startups and business initiatives.
  3. To facilitate activities between HEIs and schools and colleges of proximity to enhance  entrepreneurial mindset and science among children and young people.
  4. To build an index system for gender equality in Indian HEIs within internal quality framework.
  5. To raise awareness and motivation to use identified best practices in gender equality through user-friendly videos and professional marketing tools.
  6. To manage adequately the enhancement of gender equality among Indian HEIs and Indian HE.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.


A designated space with seating capacity of 20 people has been developed with amenities like tablets, smart board and Audio and Visual support to conduct regular workshops and curated mentoring sessions for creating and supporting women entrepreneurs.

On the basis of this we are starting online course:

ENP01: Women Entrepreneurship and New Enterprise Management.

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 Website: www.international-msubaroda.org/erc